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Guiding Light Shawl

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This pattern was designed in memory of the 58 people who lost their lives on October 1st, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV at the Route 91 music festival.
The shawl features a diamond twist cable which represents the path life tends to take, where people come together, paths cross, diverge, separate, and come back together again. The cable is nestled on garter stitch, a reminder that our journey is full of bumps and obstacles, but it is bordered by a twisted stitch, representing the beauty that is all around us.
As the shawl grows, it is filled with a simple stockinette stitch, harboring feelings of peace, and reminding us that we all start and end our lives with a clean slate. The short, layered fringe on the cable edge is our tears and the chaos that follows tragedy.
This shawl is not only a tribute, but also a visual representation of my journey to come to terms with loss and trauma, and to give hope to those who feel like their world has ended.